Pawling Public Radio – UPDATE – Now WPWL!

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The growth and development of Pawling Public Radio continues. And, now has its call letters – WPWL!

Pawling is fortunate to have an educational and informational resource in the community: Pawling Public Radio. As the only multi-media resource in the area, WPWL provides an array of cultural, musical, artistic, and educational information and announcements. For example, you will find a community calendar of all events in the Pawling area, just go to From this website, you can also tune in and listen to all WPWL programs online, streaming live.

Next Steps for WPWL

Pawling Public Radio applied for their FCC License in November of 2013, and WPWL received FCC approval was in February 2014. A location for the broadcast tower was found in nearby on the boarder of Wingdale and Pawling. Once the tower is up, it will provide a broadcast area of up to 10 or more miles around the tower. You will then be able to access WPWL on 103.7 FM.

Funding the WPWL Tower

WPWL is run by community volunteers, supported solely by community funds, for the benefit of the Pawling and surrounding communities. The tower is the next and significant step in getting WPWL on the air, which will need to happen by next summer to meet FCC deadlines. Fund raisers will be planned over the next few months to raise the WPWL tower. Stay tuned to WPWL to hear more.