New Developments in Pawling Village

33 Main Street
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The economic development of Pawling Village is extremely important to the continued growth of our local businesses as well as a key driver of attracting new businesses to our community. Lots of great improvements have been taking place in Pawling Village...some you may have seen and others you probably haven't seen yet...

Roads and Sidewalk Improvements

Broad Street, Arch Street, Union Street and part of Charles Colman Boulevard have been recently paved and sidewalks added or improved, including making them handicapped accessible. This is just the beginning of a repaving project which is planned for other Village roads. A process has been started to apply for grants to fund this repaving and to complement what has already been done. This project is important to the overall goal of making the Village more pedestrian friendly and increasing business and tourism.

Pawling Welcome Center

The Pawling Chamber of Commerce’s office remains in the same building location on Charles Colman Blvd. which is now called the Pawling Welcome Center and is one of Dutchess County’s designated Tourism Information Centers. The building has been updated to include two handicap accessible bathrooms with a separate entrance. First time visitors to Pawling as well as residents are welcomed by a volunteer staff (the Chamber’s “Ambassadors”) who can offer a variety of information and related materials. The recently landscaped entrance and signage is impressive and will serve to bring more attention to the Village of Pawling.

Old Buildings and New Businesses

The repurposing of old buildings and new buildings in Pawling has been the topic of conversations for a while. There are several potential businesses looking at utilizing the old IGA store building at Pawling Commons. This would be a wonderful use of this currently empty 15,000 square foot building.In addition, The Morrison Building has recently been sold to a dental practice, Quality Dental Care, PC which plans to move their full service practice, including specialists, to this building in Pawling Village.

Reilly’s Garage

You may be aware that Mayor Robert Liffland owned this building on East Main Street, which was originally built in the early 1900’s. The property was previously deemed contaminated by NY State. After a significant and very expensive cleanup project, it was finally DEC certified to be useable. Over the eight years he owned, the property, the Mayor received many offers to purchase the property. However, he held off until he received an offer with plans which fit into the Village Master Plan in terms of how the new building would look and be used. The new owner is a Pawling Resident, who is very interested in putting up a quality building which will fit the look and feel of the Village. Unfortunately, what was left of the existing building and foundation was in such a state of disrepair, it had to be torn down. The plans for the new mixed use building include 3 floors and keep the same footprint, with a first floor of retail space and two floors for apartments.

These are the latest in a flurry of new interest, construction and new businesses to Pawling Village bringing short and long term jobs, as well as tourists and customers to our community.