Cool Apps For The Winter

Cool Apps For The Winter

By Mike Pepper

This isn’t a long list, but there are some things that a smartphone can do to be helpful in Winter. Apart from Christmas shopping, of course, because we all hope that you’ll SHOP LOCAL! ;-)

Weather is a natural place to start. All smartphones come with some weather gizmos, but here’s an app that give you some helpful details extra quickly.

Dark Sky

This app gives by-the-hour detailed predictions, quickly, and in easy to understand form. Dark Sky combines data from multiple government weather agencies and is very accurate! Free in the Android and IOS app stores. My preferred weather resource (right after Scot Haney).

Winter Survival Kit

While it doesn’t do as much as its name implies, it is worthy of space on your phone. It’s a one-tap resource for emergency contacts and information. Load it onto your phone in hope that you’ll never need it, but only a tap away just in case. Search “Winter Survival Kit” in either the Android or Apple app stores.

First Aid by American Red Cross -- Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

Gives you information about handling emergencies in to-the-point, easy to use form. Both of these apps are free and deigned to work without an internet connection. Load them into your phone and keep them out of the way, but ready, with the “Survival Kit” should you ever need them. 

Prime Pantry

Not for you (because shop local!) but for folks you know in faraway places, Amazon’s Prime Pantry will ship a box full of wintry snacks and household helpful items for $5.99. Online you fill a “box” with whatever is needed from the huge list of Prime Pantry items and then have it shipped to your far-away loved one. Very helpful for remote family who might not be able to get out easily, like assisted living or other such.

What else for winter?? 

Skiing info – a zillion apps to tell you about ski conditions.

Games! – don’t need to tell you that there are games to keep you occupied on your phone.

Netflix – and chill of course. Along with apps from whichever streaming services you prefer. And don’t forget Xfinity – you can watch TV on your phone too.

Books – the Pawling Library has links to both audio books and the actual text of book (if you do that old school “reading” thing).

Keep Your Phone Charged!

Here’s a just-in-case tip for winter: keep a charging cable and a charging adapter in your car at all times. The adapter plugs into the accessory (“lighter”) plug in your car, and the cable plugs into that to let you power and charge your phone. If you have room, it’s not a bad idea to keep a separate, pre-charged power pack in the car too. Just don’t forget to keep it charged up and ready to use!

Hoping, as always, that this is all quite clear and useful; nevertheless if I can fill in some details or help with anything on your computers, please don’t hesitate to call: Mike Pepper ~ Computer Guy. 845-855-5824