How does YOUR Garden Grow?

Donate your extra produce to the PRC!

After all the planting is done and the harvesting begins, do you often find yourself with much more home grown produce than you and your family can possibly consume?  It is probably at this point that you try your hand at canning, or start packing up the excess for everyone on your block plus anyone who has ever friended you on Facebook!

Well, the Pawling Resource Center would be thrilled to help you find loving homes for your over abundance of firm ripe tomatoes or your bumper crop of beans, peas, carrots and corn…or any other fresh veggie from your garden that you would be willing to share with neighbors who might have difficulty providing these healthy, seasonal treats for their families. 

Children, especially, love to munch upon the sweetness of fresh produce. Think how wonderful it would be to be able to add this pleasure to the joy of their childhood summer.   Please consider donating the excess from your garden to the Pawling Resource Center.  The folks at the PRC will guarantee good and appreciative homes for every last crunchy morsel.

Please call the PRC at 845-855-3459 to find out how to arrange veggie adoptions for your extra garden goodies!