The Measure of Successful Growth Is Now More Visible in Pawling

First in a series
There is so much to like about Pawling. Sometimes it’s a good idea to remind ourselves about the valuable assets in our midst, many of which we tend to take for granted. 

The Town and Village of Pawling abound in history, culture, business innovation, creative shopping, culinary arts, recreation, education, music, and convenient proximity to major urban centers as well as outdoor attractions in the Hudson Valley and beyond. If you are a local homeowner, merchant, weekend visitor or someone thinking about moving here, you no doubt have your own “likes” behind your attraction to the area. This article is the first in a series of the reasons for “Why We Like It Here.” 

Let’s start with the evidence we see all around us of our investment in the future: construction, business, and building growth.

In the past few years nearly 170,000 square feet of commercial and residential space have been added to the community. There are new residential opportunities for seniors at Castagna Commerce Park on Route 22, The Hamlet at Pawling. New residential and commercial spaces have been added at 33 Main Street in the Village.

And there’s a new PCSB Bank on Route 22. Along with these Advance Auto and other new and upgraded properties are the visual confirmation that smart planning and building practices benefit the entire community. This is smart growth in action, expanding the tax base, improving the appearance of buildings and properties while preserving the historic and natural treasures are the essentials for a vibrant Pawling. 

Want to know more about the Pride of the Harlem Valley? Visit: Or stop by the Chamber of Commerce/Welcome Center at 59 Charles Colman Boulevard in the village and ask for a copy of the newly minted copy of the Pawling Guidebook 2017 – 2018.

- Tom Clemmons