Sanitizing Digital Stuff

Sanitizing Digital Stuff

Washing your hands, avoiding your face… what else?!?

Clean your keyboard and your mouse! That’s what else. Disinfect tablets, and phones, and (need I say it?) video game controllers too. Viruses, bacteria, and miscellaneous germs adhere to digital devices and are easily transferred by contact. This contamination can pose health risks for you and anyone who touches your digital gizmos. Happily, sanitizing your equipment doesn’t require a professional cleaning crew and can be done using a few ordinary household supplies and just a few minutes of effort.

Mainly, it just takes a little care and two rules:

Turn off the device you’re cleaning first, and unplug it from power if it’s plugged in.  If it has a removable battery, take the battery (or batteries) out before you clean.

Don’t get your digital device wet.  Use a cloth, or a wipe, or a paper towel that you’ve dampened with cleaning agent.

Keyboards are the most obvious trap for germs. You’d be surprised at the stuff that gets into them. Turn off your computer first, or if it’s a wireless keyboard, remove the batteries from it. If it’s dusty and dirty, you might want to vacuum it first, before you get it damp.

When it’s turned off and you’re ready, use a sanitizing wipe or dampen a towel or cloth with just a little Lysol-type household cleaner. You don’t have to be too gentle, but don’t be a brute either. Press down gently as you clean not just the key tops, but move the cloth along the lines between the keys, up and down and side to side. You can use a Q-Tip, but don’t get it more than just damp. Some keyboards will malfunction if they get wet inside.

If you do get a little wetness in the keyboard, draw out as much of the moisture as you can with a dry towel, then let it sit to dry thoroughly before you plug it in again. (Don’t use a hair dryer as the heat may damage the device, and the forced air may just move the moisture around inside it.)

Use the same technique to clean your mouse and video game controllers. Unplug the device, and/or remove the batteries if it’s wireless, then clean with a dampened cloth and/or Q-Tip. Be sure to follow the little gaps between buttons and switches.

For phones and tablets, remember that it’s not just the front that gets touched. Turn it off first! Then wring out a sanitizing wipe so that it is just damp, or use a cloth just barely dampened with germ-killing household cleaner, then wipe down all surfaces and edges. Immediately dry it off with a lint-free cloth. Repeat if the first time leaves it streaky.

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