Pawling Chamber of Commerce Community


There are many reasons why one town or village appears more attractive than the next relative to its livability, assets and resources as well as desirability and cultural aspects for bringing up children. Pawling is that town. There are excellent schools in Pawling – both public and private. There is state-of-the-art senior housing, active community organizations. Ecumenicity flourishes. All religious denominations are represented.

The Town of Pawling offers all the best in small town America at a location less than two hours from New York City. Getting here is the easy part. Our community welcomes all. For more information about the town government, its programs and facilities, please visit: The Town of Pawling website.

The Village of Pawling is New York State’s best-kept secret. Pawling’s outstanding heritage is represented by its citizens of yesterday, who contributed to the foundation of a community you enjoy, as well as current citizens whose caring approach you can appreciate today. We are a community of government and citizenry working together to serve you and all future generations. We are continuously adding news and information to the Village of Pawling website.