The Pawling Community Foundation

The purposes of the Pawling Community Foundation are charitable or educational with its incorporated purpose defined "to protect, conserve, enhance, maintain and perpetuate public places, districts, sites, buildings, structures, parks and monuments in the Village and Town of Pawling for the benefit of the general public." The Foundation remains dedicated to civic improvement in all areas of Pawling.

Community Resources & Service Center

Since 1976, the Pawling Resource Center has provided direct services to the Pawling community that include transportation to medical appointments, a food pantry, the loan of medical equipment, photocopying, and information and referrals. Begun as a coalition of the Christian churches in Pawling, the Pawling Resource Center is located in a quaint carriage house on the grounds of the historic John Kane property. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization which charges no fees for any of its services and relies entirely on grants and gifts to fund the programs that benefit hundreds of local residents each year. A major component is the transportation program, comprised of requests from individuals most of whom are senior citizens, for transportation to medical appointments at area hospitals, doctors’ offices and other medical facilities. The Pawling Resource Center serves individuals and families who live, work or worship in Pawling. Programs assist residents to remain in their homes as viable members of the community. Volunteers are the core of the organization and are recruited year-round to assist with the various program activities.

The Akin Hall Association

The purpose of the Akin Hall Association as originally stated by Mr. Akin and his associates, was "the promotion of benevolence, charity, literature, science, and mutual improvement in religion and all kindred knowledge and providing and maintaining a place or places of education, moral training and worship…" How does the Association live up to its stated purpose today? With a membership of over 400 friends and neighbors from the greater Pawling area, it maintains the Akin Library. The Association also grants five scholarships annually to graduating Pawling High School seniors, and through a 99 year lease gives Christ Church on Quaker Hill the free use of Akin Hall as a church, and the adjacent Thomas Center for a Sunday School, nursery school and multipurpose meeting area. 

Pawling Public Radio

Pawling Public Radio is a Part 15 community-based radio station on 101.7 FM.. On the radio and website you can find shows and articles on parenting, real estate, health, finance, business, news, music, art, weather, technology, history, sports, and the environment. Our goal is to become a community-based media outlet with a wide variety of in-house programs and music. We plan to engage in all activities associated with noncommercial, educational, 100-Watt radio stations operating under FCC licensing requirements and service regulations. The corporation is nonprofit and nonpolitical. PPR has been endorsed by the Commissioner of New York State Board of Education. Pawling is a radio town. Two of the early pioneers of radio Lowell Thomas and Edward R. Murrow called Pawling their home. The Pawling Public Radio Board of Directors meet once a month. We welcome community involvement. Our doors are open to everyone looking to get involved in this exciting project, as we build a radio and website community one voice at a time. The studio location is 26 East Main Street in Pawling.